DemarcoTheMan's 'pacsnsharks' is a must-listen underground rap track

Besides his ability to write some naughty rap heat for your earholes, we know very little about this man.

We do know that DemarcoTheMan is American, independent, and that he makes rap music that we like, as proven with ‘pacsnsharks.’

The Nevada native makes what you could describe as lo-fi trap, with a minimal beat being attacked with a snappy flow that delivers lines that go from humorous to deadly serious. Auto-tune adlibs come like a short-lived hook, adding a haunting quality to what is undoubtedly a raw release.


With VHS visuals to boot, this reminds us of the first time we heard Voldy Moyo, then known as v7backin2007. There’s an element of mystery and element of ‘shit this goes hard’ that leaves you wantting to investigate the former.

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