Detroit legend Waajeed moves towards new album with 'Motor City Madness'

The city of Detroit is historically one of the most important places in America for music and the Motor City legend Waajeed is still holding it down.

Motor City Madness is the latest release from Waajeed, the producer once part of Hip Hop outfit The Pied Pipers and someone who has been releasing music since the turn of the millennium. With Detroit famous for techno and jazz fusion, Waajeed connects the dots on this one, speeding through and building momentum towards a brand new album, expected to drop in the coming weeks. 

The track is the first single to drop from the forthcoming LP, Memoirs of Hi Tech Jazz, on which Waajeed will be exploring more of the music unique to him and Detroit, inspired by the sociology behind the city's famous scenes. Scenes that are often inspired by revolutionary efforts against oppressive hegemonies.

As always from what you'll find here on the Offie Mag blog, this is more than just a good groove and a shiny music video.

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