Soft Peng Remix: JD. Reid flips Ebi Soda jazz track

Soft. Peng. Remix. A good triage of words to start any underground music blog article with.

That's the case here because versatile producer and DJ, JD. Reid, has released an official remix of Soft Peng by avant-garde jazz troop, Ebi Soda. The band's Tru Thoughts debut Honk If You're Sad has been doing the rounds for a while now, and if you needed a reason to revisit the LP, or listen to it in a new environment, then you've been given one.

Soft Peng Remix of course samples the original in a literal sense, but also in the sense that it could go anywhere at any time. JD. Reid takes it to bassy depths, taking it from jazz club to the club.

Press play on it.

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