Offie Mag Premiere: Ebi Soda - Live At Home (House Party Performance)

Ebi Soda have put a full set of them playing live at a house party up on YouTube, premiered here on Off Licence Magazine.

The jazz act have been on our radar for a while, with Brighton playing it's part in their journey that now spans a handful of LPs, sold-out vinyl records and various ferocious live shows. This video, with it's contemplative introduction and shop for some refreshments, tracks a live Ebi Soda performance at a house party.


It journeys from street to living room, curb to cushion, road to rug, as a sprawling performance of Ebi Soda plays out between four walls. Tracks from their recent album Honk If You're Sad feature, as well as improv and freestyle from rapper dereck d.a.c.

Sit back in your own home or that of someone else, and drink it in.


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