Four Lane Road: New South Parisian Hip Hop that's an ode to the old school

Have you ever heard that fewer people die each year from shark attacks than they do from coconuts falling on heads?

It's one of those 'did you know' facts that someone said once and no-one ever has really felt the need to check it, because it's an interesting takeaway regardless. If you're swimming in the sea, you're probably not going to eaten by a Great White, basically.

In that vein, did you ever read that outside the US, France has the biggest Hip Hop scene in the world? Again, doesn't really matter if it's true or not, because what it means is, there's an abundance of rap music in the country. The music genre plays an important role - as it does in the US - of providing a voice for those less heard.

Through (Versace) rose-tined shades, many in the country look back at the 90s as the pinnacle of French Hip Hop, where artistic integrity and audience engagement peaked together, soundtracked by SP-404s.



And that essence is still alive if you know where to look, with South Parisian collective Four Lane Road releasing a bumper tape, Peninsula that pays homage to 90s rap and harnesses the voices of this generation of young French people.

Our French is GCSE level at best, but they're speaking about Air Max, hash and a general frustration at the state of the world, we gather.


L.O.R.D, Nefiu, Aazyk and wlidi make up the artists on the 18-track project, released independently by FLR with DIY music videos. The tracks sample soul and jazz, with chopped loops offset by the added textures of subtle effects like camera clicks and background adlibs - like verses were recorded in a busy living room.

That's enough reasons for you lot to give this a try. Find more music that we find and like in our ongoing Spotify playlist.


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