Gabriel da Rosa releases second bossa nova single on Stones Throw

One of the greatest labels in the world releasing one of the world's greatest sounds - bossa nova on Stones Throw.

Brazilian artist Gabriel da Rosa is a new signee to the LA-based record label Stones Throw, and in Bandida, he and his band have released a second single. Following up Jasmin Parte 1 that came out in the summer, there's a timeless feel to both, sounding like something that both sums up the quality of modern jazz - as well as something that Peanut Butter Wolf would dust off and sample from the 1960s.

Having grown up in rural Brazil with a radio DJ for a father, Gabriel da Rosa now lives in Los Angeles where he bumped into the aforementioned PBW. As ever with music from Brazil, it's worth remembering that if you speak Portuguese then there's a whole new level of the art to explore.

But what's impressive with Da Rosa's vocals is that the emotion in the delivery makes this and the 70 previous years of boss nova universal.


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