Indira May and Saffron dissect digital heartbreak on 'Disconnected'

hey man. left on read. (sorry i missed your call). i can see you're online. user_not_found. disconnected.

The clues in the name(s). Indira May and Saffron's downtempo EP Disconnected is all about how our relationships play out in this digital era. And it just goes to show, just because something happens on a phone screen and not 'in real life,' it can still be really fucking real.

Sonically the project sits within jazz, but with a refined subject matter that you don't find easily within the genre. The often Hip-Hop-like structure of the tracks help with this, providing text boxes for Indira May to share her penned - or perhaps typed - reflections.


And yet there's room for nuance with the vocal delivery still. Despite the subject matter being tight, changes in tone of voice does much to make sure this six-track EP does not feel copy and pasted. Tracks shift gears and textures from skits do a lot to push the production far away from a world where anime characters scribble notes in their bedroom.

This is music with a lot of feeling in every element, worthy of tacking a topic that anyone with a smartphone in their pocket or an alter-ego that starts with an '@' will be able to relate to.

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