Breakbeat king Kuna Maze drops another on Tru Thoughts

Brussels-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ Kuna Maze drops double single ‘Broken Light / Late Night Tales’ and teases incoming LP.

Kuna Maze has made a home for himself as a resident on Brussels’ radio platform, Kiosk Radio, and as an artist in residence at Volta, a music community in the city. 


Like much of his music, ‘Broken Light’ is rhythmically-driven and almost cinematic in places. You can hear the broken beat, Jamaican dub, and UKG influences tenfold—the other single, ‘Late Night Tales’,’ picks up where ‘Broken Light’ left off. 

Whilst the single still contains Kuna Maze’s signature broken beat sound, it’s also influenced by slow house and jazz equipped with synth stabs, 90s-styled sax, layered FX, delay and reverb.  

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