Japanese dummer Tatsuya Nakamura reissues 1984 LP 'Locus' on BBE

Tatsuya Nakamura, a man who's drums could make stubborn feet move, has reissued his 1984 classic album Locus for the first time.

Released by BBE (Barely Breaking Even), a label that uncover and rediscover gems from yonder year like Indiana Jones without the hat and elaborate plot, are who you can thank for formally recirculating an album that has no doubt been on at least one turntable somewhere in the world every day since it was originally released by Sea Horse Records.


This being that now defunct label's only ever release only adds to the mystery of Locus, an album that explores avant-ambient vibrations of jazz that leave you with time and inspiration to ponder, yourself. Tatsuya, like many of the Japan's premier jazz talents of the 1970s, found himself in New York by the 1980s and that's where this collection of songs was recorded.



Such a calming, reflective project, produced in a studio tucked away from busy streets, is just one layer to an album you can now discover for yourself via Bandcamp, BBE's website and record stores worldwide.

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