Len becomes one of London rap's main characters on LEHGOLAND

To say that Len has quietly become a staple of London's underground rap landscape would be incorrect, because there's nothing quiet about his music.

LEHGOLAND, the fullest, lengthiest project so far from Len, is 16 songs that occupy a space that, in the UK at least, feels up for grabs. A space for 'turn up' rap songs that fittingly needs to be play loud.



With a poignant feature from the pioneering Lancey Foux on IJUST, the tape sees Len further explore a selection of electronically-tuned production with brilliantly brash lyrics. His voice changes and warps from verses into hooks to match melodies and rhyme schemes, shapeshifting from track to track and building on some of the infectious humour that was poured into the popular cut ADDICTION, released earlier in 2023 with brazy.

Another heavy feature comes from Unknown T on NIKO BELLIC, but Len's very much the main character on LEHGOLAND, which is available on all your major streaming sites.

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