Four Lex Records releases to tap into this year...

From MIKE to MF DOOM, to Fly Anakin and Pink Siifu, when it comes to good Hip Hop and rap music, there aren't many better places to look than Lex Records' discography.

The London-based record label has a stellar reputation and deservedly so. Looking over their releases for 2023, we feared the Offie Mag blog might turn into some kind of Lex Records fanzine so, at the risk of that happening, we've decided to compile all their confirmed releases here in one handy, SEO-friendly listicle.

Chuck Strangers - The Boys & Girls (May 12th)

Scheduled for release in May, Chuck Strangers has already started teasing this release with singles such as a collab with Navy Blue and solo track, Prospect Park West.


Expect deeply personal, biographical lyrics over elegant production from a rapper who cut his teeth on the iconic Joey Bada$$ mixtape, 1999. A New Yorker who is not so much carrying the torch as he is starting his own flame, The Boys & Girls EP is expected to be Chuck Strangers' most confident, well-rounded release to date.


B.Cool-Aid - Leather Blvd. (Out now)

Pink Siifu must be one of the most creative rappers in the world right now and when paired with Ahwlee, you can hear the bubbling of the chemistry that stems from their friendship outside of the studio.



On the lengthy, free-flowing Leather Blvd, the collective power is very much the message. Features from the likes of Liv.e, Demae, V.C.R, Butcher Brown and many more make this a celebration of creative community and collaboration. In that sense it has the spirit of an old jazz record as well as the sonics, and we've already played this one out live on our Balamii radio show.


Fly Anakin & Foisey - Skinemaxxx (Side A) (Out now)

Fly Anakin falls into your 'favourite rapper's favourite rapper's favourite rapper' category. You don't need a degree in rap music to appreciate what he does, nor do you need at least three years experience working in the field. But, as Madlib's high praise of the Richmond native suggests, Fly Anakin is an artist heavily revered in the Hip Hop sphere right now.



With long-time collaborator Foisey on production, Skinemaxxx (Side A) follows up the debut album FRANK released on Lex Records last year. There are tempo shifts since that last excursion, with the first single Blicky Bop setting the tone for Fly Anakin to work through the gears again.


YUNGMORPHEUS - From Whence It Came (April 28th)

Hey if we had the budget, we'd be trying to convince YUNGMORPHEUS to become a staff writer at Offie Mag. Not only is his pen game ridiculous, but he has a knack for picking out great artists and projects, with guest features and production credits found on the work of FlySiifuGoya Gumbani, looms., Moor Mother and Jitwam.



When it comes to his own releases, the forthcoming From Whence It Came should display his knack for curation with finely picked features and, most importantly, YUNGMORPHEUS's immaculate delivery. The guy raps like his he's rolled out of the right side of the bed for 365 days in a row, never missing a beat or wasting a word.

For more music from Lex Records head to their website, and for more music curation from Offie Mag, check our playlist.

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