Lex Records release Eyedress remix of FlySiifu and Fousheé's 'L's'

Frustratingly, timeless music can be hard to find in this landscape of streaming and scrolling, but in releasing an Eyedress remix of L's, Lex Records have ensured that FlySiifu's catalogue is back on your timeline.

So lift your head up from the screen for a second and put this one in your nearest aux chord.

L's is one of the most energetic cuts from both the FlySiifu's album and $mokebreak EP, kicking off with that 'This Richmond sh*t can get real sci-fi' line from Fly Anakin.

And yet, just as Fousheé's vocals bring a sense of calm to the original, Eyedress' spaced-out remix slows down the BPM, with the multi-genre, multi-talented artist bringing what we can only describe as a blanket of synths to the equation. 

The track is the latest in the LEX-XX series of original remixes released to celebrate Lex Records’ 20th anniversary. Previous LEX-XX tracks include remixes by Thom Yorke, Boards of Canada, Actress, Danger Mouse & King Krule.

As for FlySiifu, read about them in ISSUE TEN of Off Licence Magazine.

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