London rapper Space tells the story of a con-man on 'Get Me A Suit'

London artist Space has been steadily dropping some great rap songs, you know, and on Get Me A Suit he comes with an old-school story-telling style.

Pairing up with Marcel Malonda, the track tells 'the story of a con-man' over a sample-heavy, chopped up beat. That's right, it's Hip Hop. And good Hip Hop at that.

Whilst the term 'UK Hip Hop' can often be a jarring thing - or perhaps more so a box that people want to stuff rappers with English accents into - it's refreshing to hear some new music that is undeniably Hip Hop, coming out of the United Kingdom. 


It's an exciting time as any with acts like Knucks, Kofi Stone and Lex Amor reaching a large audience, and we're keen to hear more of what Space has to offer.

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