Music of the Month: February 2022

February, a short month with a tall list of music for you to delve into.

Honestly, we've only been doing this two months officially on Bandcamp, and already it's so refreshing to be free from certain streaming sites. This month, we sadly lost a legend in Betty Davis, so amongst all the new releases, there's a bonafide classic from 1974.

The likes of Cities Aviv and CLBRKS have become the first artists to do a double in 2022, featuring on both our January and February lists with different releases - CL's album with Kiina has the potential to be one of the finest rap records to come out of the UK all year.

You've also got Sheffield-based Seigfried Komidashi on the list with free, jazz-like Moonwalker Aquarius tape, a Birmingham to New Jersey link-up between Dash and SonnyJim, and our personal pick of the month - the latest Mainstream Records compilation.

'Mainstream Funk,' a compilation put out by Paris-based WEWANTSOUNDS, picks some of the rarest funk and jazz cuts to be put out on a now-defunct record label that has given Offie Mag Radio so many gems to pick from. This album is like leaking the secret to creating 'oooh what's this?' moments the next time you're passed an aux lead.


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