Music of the Month: March 2022

There's an old Irish proverb that goes: Mura gcuirfidh tú san earrach ní bhainfidh tú san fhómhar. If you do not sow in the spring, you will not reap in the autumn.

We hope it's not a euphemism for capitalism, and more so just about planning and reaping the tasty rewards that come with that. How does this relate to Offie Mag's Music of the Month: March 2022? Well, considering the hold up for vinyl releases right now, if you release a project this Spring you can probably expect it to be with your devoted listeners by Autumn. We won't quote exactly what Fly Anakin said on stage at last month's Offie Mag event, but just know that if you're waiting on the arrival of his glorious studio album debut Frank on wax, you can direct some frustration towards Adele and Columbia Records.

Anyway, we've rolled in the deep once again to bring you a selection of the best new music and forthcoming releases, with not only Fly Anakin but also his frequent collaborator Pink Siifu dropping projects this March. The prolific Cincinnati artist has doubled down on GUMBO'!, releasing a deluxe edition that mixes in even more goodness and features from the likes of Remy Banks on bars and Kenny Beats on... beats.

Whilst not technically a "new" project, it's our Pick of the Month because it feels just as exciting as when it dropped last year. The new ingredients enter the blend seamlessly, making this a beautiful second serving on yet another timeless Pink Siifu album.



You'll find Zelooperz on GUMBO'! and you'll also find his new drop on our list. Another rap artist pushing boundaries with ease, Zelooperz has put together some of the finest producers for Get WeT.Radio with Foushee, MIKE, Black Noi$e contributing to a project that has slightly more downtempo moments than some of his recent work, juxtaposed by the dancey Skinny Dip. 

Elsewhere, you've got brand new maassai out of New York, Stinkin Slumrok out of London, Ashia Karana out of Atlanta and Ebi Soda out of Colchester (by way of Brighton and the capital). The latter mentioned is the explosive jazz outfit's debut on Tru Thoughts, a landmark moment for the lads and the label. All of that, plus jaydonclover vocals, Cookin Soul & Lord Apex, Jeshi, Dean Blunt and more. 

Quite the Spring, then.


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