Nabihah Iqbal and Libby Heaney present ‘Cascade’ for Purcell Sessions

As part of our ‘gigs that we like the look of’ series, we want to draw your attention to the capital as Nabihah Iqbal teams up with visual artist and quantum physicist Libby Heaney for Cascade – part of The Southbank Centre’s Purcell Sessions.

The Purcell Sessions allows artists to unleash their creative spirit and explore new creative frontiers and we’re bloody well here for it. The year-long programme showcases both UK and International artists and creatives, providing a space for anything from audiovisual installations to cross-genre concepts. You might’ve seen Fauzia play there recently?

Nabihah Iqbal and Libby Heaney’s collaboration, Cascade, for example, explores the history, rituals and symbolism attached to rivers and water. Their performance will include the sights, sounds and meaning of water with an audio-visual performance. Expect field recordings of the Thames and AI-generated sounds and visuals.

There are two opportunities to attend this once in a lifetime experience, either the 29th January or the 30th at The Southbank Centre in London. You can get tickets here and we might just see you there.

Be sure to check the full programme of Purcell Sessions, with the likes of Iglooghost, Jamie Isaac and Laima taking to the iconic stage in the coming weeks and months.

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