October 2022's best new underground music

There's something really beautiful about seeing artists that you've been streaming forever, make the jump onto Bandcamp.

Honestly, when Louis Culture and BINA. appeared in our monthly Bandcamp dig, gun fingers were aimed towards the roof at Offie Mag HQ. Both have been steadily releasing great music into London's underground world, building a fanbase that we hope decides to back them with bank. And by coincidence, BINA. and Culture have collaborated for the first time, too, so there are individual releases to delve into from each and the Kadiata-featuring track Can't Deny It on Louis' double-single.

Elsewhere, there's so much good Hip Hop. We've kept Wiki and Subjxct 5's Cold Cuts on the list since that shelf life is going to be long. Blah Records' Bisk is back and brought boys with him, HUNNALOE dropped a whole tape and LORD JAH-MONTE OGBON & TWIT ONE dropped heavy one with Dis Tew Much. On the latter, the flute-sample-heavy and weirdly named Alicia Keys to the Face is a particular highlight.

As for jazz, find an hour to shut your eyes and listen to that Sam Gendel project. Minimal but mesmerising, it is. Also, Braxton Cook, a young jazz legend, pairs up with premium producer Keifer for a single which sounds as good as it sounds.

All of this, plus a lot more, on Offie Mag Music of the Month, available via Spotify and Buy Music Club. 

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