Offie Mag Premiere: Dylan Gray – IDC

Birmingham artist Dylan Gray aka dylantheinfamous just put out 90 seconds of defiant rap music, premiered with Off Licence Magazine.

The absurdly prolific rapper and producer has been doing things his own way since he first popped up with production credits on tracks featuring anyone from Jehst to Jaydonclover. A proud Brummie, the guy champions his city and the underground scene around him, but on this occasion, he stands alone with vocals and production exclusively by Dylan, himself.

IDC, that’s I Don’t Care, sees Dylan Gray get a lot off his chest in what is essentially a rhyming listicle of things he doesn’t care about. Gripes with the industry, social media and superfruit smoothies. A beat that’s typically crispy and cold. A one-take music video from Loudhouse’s Honey JD. Take it in and find this one on all the usual streaming sites. Check out Dylan’s Bandcamp as well, plenty of good stuff on there.

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