Onoe Caponoe returns with visuals for double-single 'Afro Samurai / Quest'

High Focus artist Onoe Caponoe is back with new music and new visuals.

When it comes to artists branded with that 'UK Hip Hop' tag, Onoe Caponoe is certainly one who pushes the boat out and climbs aboard. On this typically journey-like double-single from him, Onoe Caponoe rides two very different beats, acting like night and day as video director Honey JD follows him around empty London streets, shops and cat piss-stained underpasses.


The front half has that sped-up flow that sends crowds bonkers at live shows, whilst the back half has the more introspective, spacious raps that go in your headphones whilst you're walking the dog. The corresponding production comes from Kehlarj and Mutant Joe, respectively.

Afro Samurai / Quest is on all streaming sites, and there's more Onoe Caponoe releases to come on High Focus Records. The doorway to another reality lies before you, you must step over the threshold…

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