Offie Mag's Music of the Month: September 2022

The pound has dropped and so has a lot of great music.

Our latest selection of releases you can buy includes, and I quote, 'NEW WIKI,' as the New York stalwart sounds at his cold best over Subjxct 5 production. The aptly named Cold Cuts will be dropping before the year ends but there's a slice of it to enjoy already.

Sticking with the underground Hip Hop, Brighton producer Guami and Croydon rapper Renelle 893 have combined to create Gardening Tools, a sample-heavy mixtape made on both sides of the Thameslink railway line. One of the most versatile rappers in the country, Renelle's ability to combine the hard truths of modern life with whimsical lyrics makes the release agile and well-balanced like Gabriel Martinelli - the Arsenal footballer referenced at some point.

Vinyl heads aren't going to want to miss out on the reissues we've picked out, with Albina Music Trust putting Lights Out back on wax. There's also a (not new) poignant inclusion of a jazz great on the listing this month, too. The late Pharaoh Sanders, a spiritual jazz legend who sadly left this world in recent weeks, simply had to make the selection. Love Is Everywhere, a beautiful message and our best attempt to whittle down his legacy into just one song, nestles into our playlist via a live recording from Paris in 1975.

There's a lot more in there, but we'll leave you on that. Love is everywhere.


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