Papo2oo4 shows continuous improvement on PAP on P.E.D’s

New Jersey’s finest, Papo2oo4 and Subjxct 5, link up once again for PAP on P.E.D’s and show continuous improvement (get it?). 

This latest project from the Elizabeth natives shows off Papo2oo4 and Subjxct’s ability to create a varied-yet-cohesive project, with production spanning sample-heavy, dusty beats to more trap-leaning aggressive rap cuts and everything in-between.

The unforgettable tag-team of Subjxct’s production, which is somehow modern sounding and nostalgic all at once, with Papo’s stern and confident raps, creates something that is both fresh but also quintessentially East Coast. 

So slip into something more comfortable (Timbs and a fitted?) and check the project out here.


The pair will also be performing together in Peckham Audio on 23 Feb, that’s surely not to be missed. Cop your tickets here.

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