Have you heard EAGZ580 rap on this Pink Pantheress sample yet?

2022 was, for a fair few people at least, the year of PinkPantheress.

And on that note, it was also the year where sampling music from recent history came to the fore more than before.

You had Central Cee on a chopped up charter in Eve and Gwen Stefani's Blow Ya Mind (2001), Digga D and ArrDee getting 'white boy wasted' on T2's Infared era Heartbroken (2007), and the aforementioned PinkPantheress on a flip of the iconic UKG hit Flowers (2001).

So why not flip the game once more and flip the flipper who'd already flipped?

Subjxct 5, the New Jersey producer who also had a sterling 2022, is the guy behind EAGZ580's single 10P'Z, where the Oklahoma rapper goes in on a beat sampling a PinkPantheress that samples something else. 

Have we come too far? Having listened to this several times, we don't think so. EAGZ finds ideal gaps in the vocal chops for his well-timed lines, his heavy delivery juxtaposing that light airiness that comes from the sample.

There are no rules to this.



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