North Carolina rapper QU/NTEN drops feel-good number 'Cedes Wagon'

A new name on our radar we felt to share is QU/NTEN, who has just released a single and music video for his track Cedes Wagon.

Raised in North Carolina but now based in LA, QU/NTEN's flow is understated on what is, all in all, a pretty feel-good song from the rapper. With pitched-up vocal samples and heavy bass, there's an early-noughties flavour to this.

The end result is not a million miles away from sounds emerging way across the other side of the US with Subjxct 5, Papo2004 and DJ Lucas' Dirty Designer giving off similarly infectiously upbeat and nostalgic energy. Meanwhile, back on the West Coast, QU/NTEN's only 21-years-old and already has a collection of singles to dive into if you're feeling Cedes Wagon.

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