UK meets US on ROCXNOIR's new single with GREA8GAWD

London artist ROCXNOIR's latest outing on a suave instrumental sees him link up with GREA8GAWD for PEACE GOD.

With artwork made by ROCXNOIR himself, the angelic vocal sample on this one is a constant as the two trade lyrics. A three-verse track where the hook seamlessly fits into place, ROCXNOIR speaks of 'eye sockets pugged in on skrilla.'

Across the Atlantic Ocean, GREA8GAWD draws parallels, citing 'mathematics to the death of me,' reflecting on his rise to prominence and how rappers he wanted features from are now 'passing the potion.'

PEACE GOD is available everywhere and is listed on Offie Mag's Music of the Month playlist for February 2023.

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