Sirens of Lesbos: The timetravelling Swiss band

What makes you want to click on a song online these days?

We're inundated with choice. Everywhere you look there's a TikTok audio here and a 'pre-save my new single' there.

For us, it's music that sounds familiar but fresh. And preferably with a super-dooper nostalgic music videos that has nice fonts in, like this effort from Sirens of Lesbos.

Run Run Run is 80s pop for the tired millennial that wishes they were born just a decade or three earlier. In a music landscape where everything feels quick, these track is timeless, taking time literally out of the occasion with it's expertly directed visuals and funky riffs. 

Hailing from Switzerland, Sirens of Lesbos are new to us and we're oh so happy about it. Run the VT.

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