Skinemaxxx (Side B) sees Fly Anakin and Foisey level up

Fly Anakin is the sort of rapper who could lay a verse down on top of the music they play when you're on hold with your WiFi provider and still come out with a banger.

But when paired with Foisey's production for the second time this year, you've got funk-infused rap tracks that make conversations with Virgin Media's onboarding team worth it. £18.99 for the first six months and then triple the price after? Whatever, just turn my internet back on I'm trying to listen to Skinemaxxx (Side B).

The basslines, folks. The basslines. It feels like Foisey is with you orchestrating these beats for you live, pounding an MPC and building it piece by piece, layer by layer. The chopped brass on Like Anita is icing-on-the-cake production, with the Mutant Academy member never passing an opportunity to decorate any of the 21 songs on these Lex Records released Skinemaxxx.

Side B follows on from where Side A left off, turning the funk up a notch and adding fine vocal features from the likes of Demae for good measure. Download, stream and buy them both today via your music vendor of choice.

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