TRiCKK wants Brighton's trap put on the map

Brighton & Hove has a history of producing rap music, dating back to at least the nineties when B-boys and backpack rappers made the seaside city a Hip Hop hub outside of London.

But naturally, some thirty years on, the range of rap sounds that emerge from Sussex-by-the-sea is far more varied, as recently illustrated by Brighton local TRiCKK and his latest edition of Lost tapes (Vol. 3).

With two feet in more trappy waters than many who preceded them in the city, TRiCKK and the various collaborators on this tape illustrate Brighton's eagerness to express itself in the contemporary rap landscape of the UK today.

One highlight comes in the form of Jay z as TRiCKK's minimal flow combines with producer Wachuwan's shimmery production. The track feels club-ready with it's heavy drums and repetitive, catchy hook - assuming you've got the right promoter and venue willing to take a punt on the city's emerging trap scene.

(Featured image via Guami of Cult Deep Records)

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