Offie Mag Awards: Vote Your Favourite Independent Music Release of 2022

The Offie Mag Awards 2022 are set to go live on December 21st 2022.

Streaming from Noa Records via Platform B Radio and our brand new Twitch account, we'll be working our way through all of our favourite music of the year. And for the first time ever, we're putting Offie Mag's Music of the Year to a public vote, letting our readers decide what gets the acclaim of Offie Mag Readers' Project of the Year 2022.

We've whittled down the selection to a not-so-short shortlist of 22 projects, ranging from underground rap to RnB to jazz and beyond - all released by independent artists and labels.

Whatever gets the most votes win, basically. Find out how it pans out live on Offie Mag Radio, December 21st from 9pm on Platform B Radio and Twitch.

If the form doesn't show properly, use this link.


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