Louisiana DIY rapper Wakai drops second album, Some People Scream, Some People Talk

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, rapper Wakai does not do things by halves - as proven on his 2nd full-length album, Some People Scream, Some People Talk.

Picking up praise from Pigeons & Planes, Pitchfork and Passion of the Weiss, the project comes in at hefty 45 minutes long, with 15 tracks to dive into - some of which are split into two themselves like the opener and title track Some People Scream. This boxes in boxes approach makes it easy to get lost in. Your next listen to this could be the next time you're at the cross section of music and podcast.

Veer left into this rap release, and you'll be occupied just as much as you be by the heavily researched meanderings of Blindboy or comfort blanket listening of what's top of your own podcast list.



Wakai goes all in. Lyrics are deeply personal, meaning that those who come onboard with features - your Fly Anakins, Kay Lasheas, Frank Sativas and company - are chosen because they exude the same qualities. Features on this project are not there just for the hell of it. Alongside the peaking, diving, screaming, talking journey of the album that's created through the track order, featured verses and vocalists help to hone in on the wider concepts - notably the feeling of not being heard.

Released via THANKS RECORDINGS, you can hear this artist via major streaming sites. 

Favorite track: Frustrated

Follow the artist: @wakai007


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