We're launching ISSUE TEN with a free event on Brighton seafront

It's time to release the milestone 10th issue of Off Licence Magazine.

Known best for our events and printed media, it's been quite a journey from ISSUE ONE to ISSUE TEN. To celebrate, we're taking it back to whee it began with our first event - a free entry boogie upstairs at Patterns on Brighton's seafront from 5pm on Friday May 27th.

Here's the line-up, all of which will also be broadcast on Platform B Radio.


Kirollus: The best DJ in the world.


Prem: Lewisham's answer to G-Funk.

Vritra: Over from LA to rap at you lot.

Lauren Arch: One of our contemporaries and finest selectors and radio hosts.

Platform B DJs: Brighton's brimming with new musical talent right now, so we're letting the next-gen radio station put who they want on. Cos we don't do it for the money, we do it for the kids and the money.

Why's there a Crep Protect logo on the poster? That's because they're sponsoring us, giving out a hundred or so goodie bags for free, worth forty quid each.

All of that, plus our biggest, bestest magazine to date.

It's an Offie Mag Renaissance.

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