Yorke’s NIMWD mixtape is a rap-heavy daydream

New raps alert: London-based rapper and producer Yorke’s latest project, a mixtape titled Never In My Wildest Dreams, is a varied rap-heavy daydream.

This one is Yorke’s first mixtape, the 14-tracker featuring NeonPantha, Skuuls and Marigold. Baked in is a range of styles from ambient, electronica, jazz, underground Hip Hop, funk, alternative and even a splash of reggae for good measure. Yorke expertly blends all this into one giant alternative rap pie and it’s delicious. 

He cites Earl Sweatshirt, Flying Lotus, Lapalux and Childish Gambino as being foundational to his development as an artist and you can hear little bits of all of ‘em throughout. And it’s self-produced. Wowzers.

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