In Frosty Raps: The Tales of Huff Jenk and King Long, these two Yogocop artists released one of the grittiest British hip-hop records of the year. Made in just a couple months and entirely produced by Wundrop, he and Kemastry spoke to Offie Mag about how it was made, why Frosty Jacks is a special drink and what Brighton is like to live and make … Continue reading 5 MINUTES WITH… WUNDROP & KEMASTRY


The full Cult of the Damned line-up has produced a new album, Part Deux: Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate, and Blah Records gave Off Licence Magazine an exclusive interview with some founding members. Bill Shakes, King Grubb, Lee Scott, Salar and Milkavelli all spoke to us about the new project, the underground classic, Brick Pelican album and the cult following that these group of … Continue reading 5 MINUTES WITH… CULT OF THE DAMNED (Blah Records)

5 minutes with… Foundations

‘The ethos of Foundations is quite simply to offer an accessible and consistent club night in Brighton,’ says the team behind Patterns weekly Friday night slot.

In providing a platform for up and coming talent, there are similarities between what Foundations is doing and what we’re trying to do here at Offie Mag. So naturally, sitting down with the people behind it made sense – even if being at in the venue at midday was surreal. A place we’re often at when it’s heaving in the evening, Ben and Neil use the Brighton hotspot in the daytime to work on all things Foundations and Patterns. Continue reading “5 minutes with… Foundations”