URF: Offie Radio 1/12/17

Another instalment of our radio show every Thursday 3PM on URF. Greg and Ghaleb play a bit of everything in a spoony, tranquil and somehow cohesive mess. Expect The Northaze, MC Pinty, Jamie XX and some Brighton hip-hop talent. Continue reading “URF: Offie Radio 1/12/17”

URF: Offie Radio 23/11/17

Another Thursday and another URF radio slot fulfilled. 

This week Ghaleb played his usual mix of gloopy, tranquil tunes through the University airwaves joined by Offie Mag, bossman-in-chief, Greg. Expect a LOT of King Krule in various aliases, some Brighton hip-hop and some Mac DeMarco before the Canadian arrives in the city next week.