If you're looking for an Offie Mag event, then you're in the right place.

Be they issue launches or touring artists, we've had some wonderful times. It's nice having you lot read the mag and like our Instagram posts and that, but nothing beats seeing you lot in person.

See below our next Offie Mag events and our previous soirées...

Forthcoming Events

22/7/23: System Olympia at ALPHABET

18/8/23: Contour at The Brunswick

22/9/23: Qendresa at The Green Door

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Previous Events

1/7/23: OFFIE MAG & Form present: Wiki, Subjxct 5, Jadasea & Papo2004 (Wiki's Europe Tour) @ CHALK, Brighton

6/7/23: THE OFFIE MAG SOCIAL: Morriarchi DJ set, FREE PINTS, FREE ENTRY, Toads Table

10/6/23: Goya Gumbani at Unitarian Church

11/5/23: THE OFFIE MAG ESCAPE: Haseeb Iqbal DJ set, FREE PINTS, FREE ENTRY, Toads Table

Poster showing the offie mag escape event, Haseeb Iqbal's name is large on the black and white poster that shows Dead Wax's door entry, a Toad and a stack of vinyl, as well as a sticker that says free pints

13/4/23: OFFIE MAG ISSUE ELEVEN Launch Party: The Purist DJ set, FREE PINTS, FREE ENTRY, Toads Table.

Offie Mag DJs @ Patterns, November 25th 2022

INDEPENDENT MATTERS: Live Music and Panel Talk presented by Offie Mag & Tunecore @ Rialto Theatre, November 24th 2022.

Offie Mag DJs @ Patterns, October 28th 2022

Offie Mag DJs supporting Kymara at Komedia, September 27th 2022

Offie Mag DJs @ Patterns, Septmber 30th 2022

27/5/22: Offie Mag ISSUE TEN Launch Party @ Patterns, Brighton (Prem, Vritra, Kirollus, Lauren Arch) 

12/5/22: The Great Escape Festival: OFFIE MAG STAGE @ Patterns, Brighton

1/3/22: Fly Anakin (Frank Tour) @ Rialto Theatre, Brighton

2/12/21: MIKE, Sideshow, Jadasea, Voldy Moyo (Small World Big Love Tour) @ Rialto Theatre, Brighton

17/11/21: The Great Escape First Fifty with Dreya Mac, BXKS and Miso Extra @ NT's Loft, London

31/7/21: Offie Mag Radio ISSUE EIGHT Pop-up broadcast @ Magazine Brighton

25/6/21: Jaydonclover w/ Dylan Gray, dereck d.a.c. & Offie Mag DJs @ Patterns, Brighton

4/7/20: ISSUE FIVE Launch (Offie Mag Radio 24-hour broadcast) @ Online

25/1/20: ISSUE FOUR Launch Party w/ KISH!, Rada, Clbrks & Offie Mag DJs @ Presuming Ed's Coffee House, Brighton

13/12/19: The Christmas Party w/ Lee Scott @ Hope & Ruin, Brighton

28/11/19: Verbz - Pathways Album Launch Party w/ Clbrks, Bador & Danny Sanchez) @ Rossi Bar, Brighton

31/10/19: Offie Mag's Halloween Hootenanny w/ Kirollus & Offie Mag DJs (Dead Wax Social, Brighton)

23/10/19: Jazz Club w/ Pyjaen and Tina Edwards @ Patterns, Brighton

26/9/19: Jazz Club w/ Chloe Bodur, Yadasofi and Ebi Soda @ Patterns, Brighton

23/8/19: Black Josh w/ Virgil Hawkins, Nokia Mansion, Para Fiction @ Patterns, Brighton

19/7/19: ISSUE THREE Launch Party w/ Bone Slim, Verbz, Mac Wetha @ Dead Wax Social, Brighton

11/5/19: The Offie Mag Escape w/ NiNE8Collective @ Dead Wax Social, Brighton

30/11/18: ISSUE TWO Launch Party w/ Lord Apex, Lava La Rue & Master Peace