Off Licence Magazine ISSUE TEN

Off Licence Magazine ISSUE TEN

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Bigger than ever before and perfect bound with a spine, comes ISSUE TEN of Off Licence Magazine.

The Renaissance theme is fitting.

Like film photography, like vinyl, like underground music, like Hip Hop, like printed media. Like Raphael in oh-nine, Leonardo at the bottom of the 16th, Donatello with the chisel and Micky Angelo with the orange mask. We’re in a Renaissance mate.

If you don’t believe me, ask Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin. Ask Kofi Stone. Ask Slawn. Ask TaliaBle. Ask Jianbo. Ask yourself. Without you, you who buys this magazine, keeping it running now for TEN whole issues, this mag would not be alive. TEN ISSUES.

We would've settled for one issue and a few anecdotes. A Lithuanian outhouse, Lord Apex's garden, Dead Wax's ceiling, live on radio for 24-hours from Brickcellphone's living room. Mushy peas with New York rappers. Tonic wine in London, red in Paris. Read in Seoul. Read by Billy Dangerfield.

We look back to look forward and to mark this milestone, we went with something bigger, better and with a spine. It’s Offie Mag ISSUE TEN.