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Offie Mag’s Music of the Year 2021 (and where to buy it)

Round up, round up, it’s time for the round-up. OFFIE MAG’S MUSIC OF THE YEAR.

Here you’ll find all of our favourite musical projects from the year. Whether you watch the YouTube video, listen to the Mixcloud link, or reel off the Buy Music Club playlist, the music is in no particular order since we don’t really fux with the lists too much.

Expect to hear some of the best hip-hop, rap, RnB, jazz and more to come out of the underground this year, with the likes of Wiki and Navy Blue, Fauzia, Deema, Diani, Layfullstop and many, many more making the cut.

And if you want to support the artists, buy their music. We’ve put our favourites here on Buy Music Club.